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VO2 Max Testing for Efficient Training and Improved Athletic Performance
"Ken Mierke's expertise in providing physiological testing is exceptional. The best part of his service is that he knows how to apply the test results to real-world training and racing and can therefore assist our coaches with athlete development."  - Joe Friel, author of the Training Bible series
Benefits of Testing
Take Your VO2 Test on a Bike or TreadmillVO2 Max Testing.net provides a listing of credible testing centers across the country.   Each center provides consistent and reliable results which will help athletes and fitness enthusiasts train more efficiently.

New testing centers can benefit from a listing on VO2 Max Testing.net. Visit the VO2 Max Associates page for info.

Don't waste your time - get the most  out of every workout minute!

VO2 Testing Equipment"I'm blown away by all Ken is able to tell me after just 20 minutes.  In the early 1980s, when I ran the Olympic Testing Center for the US Ski Team, I did similar analysis on athletes.  Back then, equipment that sits on a small cart took up an entire room, and our recommendations were nowhere near this precise."    -- Dr. Bob Arnot, Men's Journal, March 2005


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